GIL's core technology

GIL has devoted more than ten years of research, and finally developed an optical instrument Dlasercode that can study diamonds in a 360° all-round way. The diamond is placed inside the machine, and through precision optical action and calculation, each diamond has a unique and can get a corresponding Dlasercode. The number, size, location, shape, shade, etc. of each Dlsercode is different, and these different combinations are the unique Dlasercode of each diamond to distinguish the diamond from other diamonds. For consumers, this Dlasercode will not be lost, and the data will be automatically uploaded to GIL's global servers after GIL's laboratory testing. GIL's technology ensures that a diamond in an incomplete form can still be identified and that the laboratory can contact the owner through the registration information. GIL's unique anti-theft system is also the most effective anti-sleeve card in the current market.