What is the fire of diamonds?


The fire color of a diamond refers to the colorful twinkle and glow produced by the gemstone under the exposure of light. This flicker is caused by the cutting process of diamonds and the properties of refracting light. Here are some key things to know about Diamond Fire:

1. The importance of the cut: The cut is the key factor in determining the fire color of the diamond. A good cut allows the light to enter the diamond at the best Angle, and then refracts it several times inside, creating a scattering and flickering effect of the light. Therefore, a superb cut quality will enhance the fire color of the diamond.

2. Dispersion effect of light: When the light enters the diamond, the light waves of different colors will be refracted at different speeds, which is called the dispersion effect of light. This causes light waves to spread out inside the diamond, creating a variety of colors of light. This is why diamonds exhibit colorful fire colors when exposed to light.

3. Return of light waves: The precision of the cutting process determines how light is reflected inside the diamond. The light waves will reflect on the various surfaces of the diamond, making the diamond appear to flicker constantly, which is the visual effect of fire color.

4. Observe the fire color: The best way to observe the fire color of a diamond is to put it in a good light, such as natural sunlight or suitable indoor lighting. Under the right lighting conditions, the diamond will give off amazing shimmering and colorful light.

5. Cut rating: Cut rating is assessed using the criteria of GIL (Gem International Laboratories) and is divided into different grades, including excellent, very good, good, fair and poor. Diamonds of a higher cut grade usually exhibit a more intense fire color.

In summary, the fire color of a diamond is a key component of its beauty, resulting from the refraction and reflection effects of light. The quality of the cut is crucial to the fire color, so pay special attention to the cut rating when buying a diamond to ensure that you get a beautiful shining diamond.